Tuesday, 31. January 2023


(1) The placement of a job advertisement using the entry form without logo costs 35 EUR for 30 days, a job advertisement with logo 40 EUR for the same period of 30 days. Up to a word count of 100 in the main text, including the title of the job advertisement, the translation into the desired language (s) is free of charge. If the number of words exceeds 100, a surcharge of 0.08 EUR per word and language will be charged for the entire main text, including the title of the job advertisement. The statutory value added tax is currently not levied under application of ยง 19 (1) UStG.

(2) For advertisers who have several branches in the Federal territory and switch several job advertisements, the price is valid up to a radius of 100 km around the seat of the respective branch, which switches the job advertisement. The distance is measured using Google Maps using the crow flies. The portal operator can agree with the advertiser special flat rates from a certain number of job advertisements. The advertiser is requested to contact the portal operator. The portal operator reserves the right to change prices. These are announced to existing customers by e-mail in good time and added to the terms and conditions of the portal

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